GDS engineering offers a wide range of filtration products and applications to satisfy the ever-increasing aluminum quality demands on your casthouse. With our experience we can help you select the best filtration solution to optimize your processes, improve your metal quality and reduce your consumable filtration costs.

Why filtration is essential


A wide variety of non-metallic inclusions can exist in aluminium as a result of its melting, alloying and processing steps. The presence of these inclusions can be detrimental and a major source of defects in the final product.

Ceramic foam filter

With the demand for high quality aluminium products increasing, filtration has proved an optimum method for improving metal quality.

CFFs are now specified for most casting operations and, as a consequence, filters capable of removing smaller and smaller non-metallic particulate are now being widely used. CFFs offer a practical and cost-effective alternative to existing systems.
GDS filters with high-performing are available in various sizes and grades to improve the molten metal quality and ensure that optimal filtration efficiency is achieved.

Optimum flow rates depending on filter size and porosity (Ton/h)

DimensionPPI 10PPI 20PPI 30PPI 40PPI 50PPI 60PPI 30/50PPI 40/60