Before using the molten aluminium for casting, it is necessary to remove hydrogen gas from metal in order to avoid bubbles in the products of cast aluminium.
GDS engineering offers different models of degassing systems to suit our customer needs.
The degassing unit applications are available with two or multiple rotors, with new ceramic technology of rotors.

Rotary degasser

In the rotary degassing method an inert or chemically inactive gas (Argon, Nitrogen) is injected through a rotating shaft. The energy of the rotating shaft causes formation of a large number of fine bubbles, providing a very high surface area to volume ratio.
The large surface area promotes a fast and effective diffusion of hydrogen into the gas bubbles resulting in equalizing activity of hydrogen in liquid and gaseous phases.
Rotary degasser allows to achieve more complete hydrogen removal as compared to the flux degassing. Additionally the rotary degasser does not use harmful chlorine and fluorine containing salts.